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I’m a self-published, aka indie, author. I’m also one of those people who wants to know every detail about everything. That’s okay after five years because it’s just new pieces here and there, but my first couple years were overwhelming.

I want to save you from overwhelm. Those details, the workarounds, the that-worked-great/don’t-do-that-again events, will be found in Self-Publishing Secrets 2019, in courses, and in everything else I can think of to make your journey easier.

When I began the process of self-publishing, I knew nothing about it.

I’d wanted to be published by a traditional publisher, but, after years of submissions, kind notes that they liked my work, but it didn’t fit current needs, I decided that the publishing world had changed and I could self-publish.

When I had told potential readers about my first book, they’d loved the idea, but publishers weren’t sure it was for them. It has sold thousands of copies.

Once I’d tried self-publishing, I decided that I liked having control over the process and the final product, so I continued on that path, learning as I went.

Trial and error worked. I’ve published eleven books including fiction and nonfiction and several have become best sellers. If you’re curious, my fiction is at and

In articles, I’ve published more than 700 in the past dozen years in subjects ranging from travel to history to jewelry. I’ve learned a thing or two about writing and publishing.

I’m from Alaska, but I’ve lived in many places including Arizona, Washington, Idaho and Texas. I now call Nashville, Tennessee, home.

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